Change the taste of your day, withWeDely

Food is necessity, health, happiness, company and experience. Sometimes, personal and work necessities force us to a renounce to this. WeDely want to give everyone the opportunity of enjoy the unique tastes from cuisines of the world, cooked in the restaurants of your city.

WeDely is the new delivery service that will allow you to order directly from your home or your office,
your meals in an easy and fast way.

Menus always updated

Choose your meals directly from the menu. Thanks to the collaboration with, we offer you avant-garde restaurants with updated menus and up-to-date recipes.

Quality restaurants

Strong point of our service, is the selectivity in the choice of the restaurants. Our review is backed up by yours: in the Reviews area, leave your comment! This could help other users in their choice, helps us in controlling and it's an incentive for the restaurant owners, to guarantee higher and higher quality standards.

Watchword: keeping up

Even in the food serve and flavours world, everything is evolving and changing: tastes, demands, and trends are changing. WeDely beyond representing a delivery service, wants to represent a window on the new trends of the culinary word. For this reason the update is continuous, to go beyond your expectations.

Customer support

WeDely offers to its clients a service of total support. We are at your disposal for any question or necessity.


WeDely is accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. A service that you can always have access to, in every situation. An intuitive web surfing corresponds with a focused choice and an immediate order. Delivery is well-timed.


WeDely was designed basing on the highest security standards and uses all the most recent certificates and protection systems necessary to protect your data and personal operations.

What marks us

WeDely is a service created, developed and managed by Wedely S.à. r.l, company from Luxembourg, expert in the production of web applications and management platforms both for companies and private clients.
Specialized in security systems is able to offer reliable services guaranteeing a really high level of data protections.

The WeDely service has been designed totally respecting all the requirements that mark the software and the web applications produced by Wedely S.à. r.l:

  • Security
    The most sophisticated systems of traffic control filtering every possible attempt of abuse.
  • Easy to use
    Even if the applications were designed to manage complex services, will always remain understandable and easy to use.
  • Scalability
    Every software is designed to guarantee an easy scalability in the course of time, in order to rapidly adapt to the market request.