The new way of being successful. making yourself known. earning more.

Who said that to taste your meals, clients must necessarily come to your restaurant? Keep up! Things have changed: today your meals can reach clients even when they're far away and busy at home or at work. Take your specialities out of your kitchen.

WeDely is the new delivery online service
that will allow you to make you yourself known to all the web community.

Double your clientele

Why limiting to the usual clients and to giving the floor to another speaker? Why limiting one's success, to the position of the restaurant or to a client's free time? WeDely allows you to reach new clientele to surprise with your specialities.

Double your earnings

More clients, more orders, more earnings. A new way to make catering, next to the traditional one.

No added costs

Using WeDely to get to know himself and to sell his means, doesn't involve any extra cost for the restaurant owner. WeDely is not a service that is used just to order meals, in a safe and attested way, online. It's also a service for restaurant owners and its strong point is the collaboration in the field.


Manage your menu and your restaurant page independently to attract more clients!